Monday, April 25, 2011

its monday.

its monday which means: the beginning of the work week, last monday night class (until august), and can be hopeful it will be the last monday it will rain for a while. rain, rain go AWAY!

on to more important things: EASTER! started easter off right with attending church. my brother and tyler also went with me!

we enjoyed stuffing our faces at grans... which i made carrot cake & mt dew cake. however, i failed to eat a piece. olivia hunted the same easter eggs atleast 20 times, but she loved every single minute of it!

then we ventured to anderson county to my aunt nene's house. can you say, JUST DANCE on Wii. haha, that was entertaining! then came out the karaoke machine. we sang for hours! i had a pretty wonderful easter. how was yours?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

almost finals week!

i have waited to say this for the past 15 weeks, next week is FINALS! i am very excited about this. i have a final on wednesday, friday, saturday & monday! then i'm home free and soon start my online summer classes. i really don't think i will ever complete school. starting fall 2011 i will be a senior -- and will not be graduating :( stupid cpa exam!
on a better note, last weekend was fabulous! FRIDAY -- i went out with the girls [megan & margo] for dinner at fugi... YUMMM. then mixed our drinks... and met ty to partyyy! it was a lot of fun. i was somewhat successful at beer pong! yah for me :) and then came work the next morning......
SATURDAY -- worked. had easter lunch at my aunts. went to my little brothers tractor pull, which was freezingggg. and then another went another try at beer pong, however this attempt was a FAIL.

SUNDAY -- megan, leigh, and i made our best friend, destiny, a shotbook for her 21st birthday.. she even stopped by and made a couple of pages. we always have a blast when we are together. lord... and of course there was a quote page with all the stupid quotes we have came up with over the years. one i was unaware of was "backwards man, backwards man," apparantly leigh ann thought it was so funny she spewed her mt. dew ALL over me..
this past wkend was overall a success! im so happy :)
monday night when i got home from school, ty was at my house with a dipped ice cream cone for me :) supper = ruined!

Friday, April 15, 2011

everything happens for a reason.

i feel like i owe you all some explanation of my craziness latley. here it is... i was confused and was unsure about pretty much everything in my life. but he walked into the nail salon and i realized i was about to lose the sweetest, kindness boyfriend I've ever had. ty means more to me than i thought. any who! we are fabulous now. everything happens for a reason.

on a lighter note.. i just ordered my bff, destiny, a shot glass for her 21st bday from Doodle Bug Designs .. it will be black, pink, and white with zebra ribbon!

i know i still owe you all pictures from gatlinburg.. ive been BUSY!

hope you all have a good weekend. any good plans?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 years old & stressing!

ok. where to begin... im confused and im not quite sure about anything right now. i try to go over everything im thinking, but im not sure about that. my head has been constantly running with ideas and thoughts weighing on my mind. im 20 years old & stressing, over reasons most would think is silly. i should really just be thankful i have so many great people in my life that support me with whatever decisions i may make. story of my life, right?

im a faithful believer in...

"Things happen for a reason. That reason might come tomorrow or might not ever come. But you have the rest of your life to enjoy. Don't waste it by sitting around thinking about the past or even the future." - a wise friend once told me that.

anyways, i have a pretty packed agenda when i get off work.

*deliver meals to old people with megan *zumba *nails *tan *take 2 quizzes & begin preparing for finals!

[insert title here]

Friday, April 8, 2011

just call me martha!

i decided to make tyler dinner to prove that i actually could cook.

first off, my head almost caught on fire. the grill pretty much decided to blow up all at once. fail! but i finally got it to where it should be. it looked really good! however, im not much on the (H)erbs that i put on them. i realized my taste was more for salt and pepper. everything else tasted wonderful. thank you very much tiffany.

grilled zuchinni, grilled zesty italian chicken, roated red potatoes, and carrot cake.

gran said that the homemade carrot cake was the best that she had ever ate. i got the recipe from.. Grandma's Carrot Cake so i'm going to make an easter themed one for easter!


toothpaste, yes i said toothpaste

for the past 2 days i've had this massive forehead breakout. last night, i plastered toothpaste all over my head...woke up this morning to find they were all gone.

jeez, i love home remedies!