Wednesday, March 30, 2011

vacation. yes i think i will.

my head is going crazy lately! school. school. blah. blah. blah. school is sooo overrated. & professors are dbags! end of story. this weekend. [as in no work on fridayyy!]

i will be going to gatlinburg to spend the whole weekend with some of my very best friends & amazing boyfrienddd! oh my brother and all his friends.

[ty.leigh.brett.& dennis.+ brothers group]

good time? i think it will be fab.

pictures are guaranteed :)

have a wonderful weekend. &


Sunday, March 27, 2011

wkenddd recap.

Gran made a wonderful supper: spaghetti, meatballs, peas, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread! it was delicious. Enjoyed the UK v. Ohio game at Tyler's best friend Dennis's house with some friends. [GOOO CATS!]

Had to work that morning.. but i did make my blog!! Tyler and I ventured into Lexington to take Olivia to see Disney's Princesses on ICE at Rupp. First, was in need of a princess crown. All tiara needs = Claire's! We got into the mall finally, and searched for the store. Once we got into the store it was packed with crazed tweens! Ty spotted the tiaras..and Olivia finally picked out the one that would fit her princess qualifications... Sparkly & Expensive. Geez she must NOT take after her aunt ;) Needless to say, we browsed the store so more.. and she spotted a plastic less expensive crown that she wanted instead. Seee! She really doesn't take afterme!
We made it inside Rupp, (after battling traffic in the SNOW!!) to see the princess's! The show was wonderful, she laughed the whole time! She would say, "They are so beautiful" when each girl would come out! She is a hoot!

lazyyy day. studied for a test that i have tomorrow night. zumba'd! tanned. Basically what my usual Sunday's look like! && the UK made it to the final four :)

another week of work & school, story of my life.<3<3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

first post. [anxiety?] not so much.

YESS! i have joined the blogging world. might as well coinsidering i read about 5 different blogs DAILY and not at work. its my third year in college as an accounting major. BLAH. i feel as if i will never graduate. i work any chance that i get. my life would be boring without... [brother, boyfriend, family & tons of friends!] thank god for them!

fun game.
ABC's of me.
(thanks kim!)

A-Age: 20. until i turn 21 in nashville on aug 7! partyyy

B-Bed size: full; & im not gonna give gran back her foam matress!

C-Chore you hate: what chore do i like? .. i absolutly hate folding laundry!

D-Dogs: i have a shih-tzu .. i got it for my 17th bday!

E-Essential start to your day: Snooze button. Twice. Four times. (agreed with kim.)

F-Favorite Color: Pink. Purple. really any.

G-Gold or Silver: fan of silver.

H-Height: 4'11"... short.

I-Instruments you play: notta.

J-Job title: FSR at a bank.

K-Kids: none.. for a LONG time.

L-Live: Shelbyville, Ky

M-My mom's name: Janet

N-Nickname: Tiff, Tiff, Tiff Tiff, Snookers lol

O-Overnight hospital stay: None.

P-Pet Peeve: not sure. i have a lot of OCD's

Q-Quote from a movie: Pass.

R-Right/Lefty: Righty

S-Sibling: Dylan

T-Time you wake up: MWF 6:45. TTh 9:00 SS whenever i feel like it.

U-Underwear: are essential.

V-Veggies you dislike: Cauliflower.

W-What makes you run late: Snooze button.

X-Xrays you've had: Teeth

Y-Yummy food you make: anything my gran helps with with.

Z-Zoo animal: Penguins!

hope you enjoy!

Ty & I are taking olivia, my adorable neice, to see Disney Princess's on ICE tonight at Rupp Arena. Have a good saturday! :)

xoxox -- tiffany!