Thursday, May 26, 2011

is it friday yet?

i cannot wait till friday, which is tomorrow. (thank God) this week has dragged on and on. i will be spending memorial day weekend with my boyfriend and his lovely family. camping. yes, this is true. hopefully it will be wonderful and not yucky outside like it is right now! until then byeeeeeee. & have a fun and safe wkend! <3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

rainy weekend.

weekend recap!
friday - went out with all my girlfriends to tilted kilt. its a pretty nice place. they have a dance floor downstairs with a DJ. needless to say. we tore it up. ALL. BY. OURSELVES. it was like it was our own little party room.
saturday - was chill. i worked alll day. and then went to pick out a gift for my superrr picky best friend. i went to the summit and then ended up at the st matthews mall. ty was wonderful enough to follow me around while i wandered into a countless number of stores, just to say, "there is nothing she would like in here." hes so great! he even got me a new charm for my pandora bracelet :) ahhh then we did not go to IHOP, and i did not eat 1 pancake, 2 eggs, and hashbrowns. it was my cheat day. ok?
sunday-my best friend graduated from nursing school, so we celebrated with her family and friends! congrats dest! :)
it has been raining and yucky outside therefore not giving me any motivation to get in the gym. seems like i work all the time now. puttin in my 40 every week. gooo me! hahaa.
*pictures will be added at some point in time, maybe tonight!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

day off

just thought i'd let yall know i'm superr excited about being off work tomorrow (even though i work saturday instead.) but im so going to enjoy every moment of it with my boyfriend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

derby wkend.

justin moore was amazinggg, although i couldnt see him! my battery camera went dead while we were on the way to the concert so i bought a trashy disposable one. its crazy how much cameras have changed. im used to taking atleast 100 pictures on a good night. trying 27.... sheww that was hard.
derby day! i attended a funeral, which was very sad. rip paul case. thenn off to emily's and chris's derby party! it was very much fun. except for i did not take way too many jello shots. jeezzz.
mothers day! my mommy is the worlds greatest! she supports me in whatever i wish to do. even if i did lay on the couch all day with not a hangover. hahaha. it was pretty great. she cooked meatloaf for gran and it was yummy! then ty and olivia come over a little later.. or after my 2 hour nap!
needless to say it was a pretty awesome weekend!<3

Friday, May 6, 2011

sorry for partying, i mean not blogging.

yes i have been MIA for just a little too long! my bad.
for starters, im DONE with school... (until june when summer classes begin). so now on to full time working. MONEY$. yes i enjoy that. ALOT.

NEXT: my best friends, destiny, celebrated her 21st birthdayyy! that was exciting. (all the more reason to buy new shirt )

NEXT: Melissa Tindle at KBJ Photography took pictures of Dylan and i for mother's day. ty came too!

NEXT: i got my nails done the other day. and it cost about a fortune for this fancy polish im not even too fond of.

NEXT: i decided to try eating really healthy last night. turkey burgers and peanut butter dessert hummus. i try to like the taste of hummus, but the texture gets to me every time! however, i have improved on my healthy eating habits!
NEXT: this summer is going to be quite amazing. i can tell. justin moore concert tonight! wooo hoo. which leads into megan and i making 140 jello shots that filled up half my moms kitchen table! :)

have a good weekend!