Friday, May 6, 2011

sorry for partying, i mean not blogging.

yes i have been MIA for just a little too long! my bad.
for starters, im DONE with school... (until june when summer classes begin). so now on to full time working. MONEY$. yes i enjoy that. ALOT.

NEXT: my best friends, destiny, celebrated her 21st birthdayyy! that was exciting. (all the more reason to buy new shirt )

NEXT: Melissa Tindle at KBJ Photography took pictures of Dylan and i for mother's day. ty came too!

NEXT: i got my nails done the other day. and it cost about a fortune for this fancy polish im not even too fond of.

NEXT: i decided to try eating really healthy last night. turkey burgers and peanut butter dessert hummus. i try to like the taste of hummus, but the texture gets to me every time! however, i have improved on my healthy eating habits!
NEXT: this summer is going to be quite amazing. i can tell. justin moore concert tonight! wooo hoo. which leads into megan and i making 140 jello shots that filled up half my moms kitchen table! :)

have a good weekend!

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