Thursday, May 19, 2011

rainy weekend.

weekend recap!
friday - went out with all my girlfriends to tilted kilt. its a pretty nice place. they have a dance floor downstairs with a DJ. needless to say. we tore it up. ALL. BY. OURSELVES. it was like it was our own little party room.
saturday - was chill. i worked alll day. and then went to pick out a gift for my superrr picky best friend. i went to the summit and then ended up at the st matthews mall. ty was wonderful enough to follow me around while i wandered into a countless number of stores, just to say, "there is nothing she would like in here." hes so great! he even got me a new charm for my pandora bracelet :) ahhh then we did not go to IHOP, and i did not eat 1 pancake, 2 eggs, and hashbrowns. it was my cheat day. ok?
sunday-my best friend graduated from nursing school, so we celebrated with her family and friends! congrats dest! :)
it has been raining and yucky outside therefore not giving me any motivation to get in the gym. seems like i work all the time now. puttin in my 40 every week. gooo me! hahaa.
*pictures will be added at some point in time, maybe tonight!

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