Sunday, January 22, 2012

wild child

I love kids a lot, but my niece Olivia is a handful! Shewww weee, she has been at the house all weekend. Friday night, Tyler & I took her to Tumbleweed.. She ordered pizza and 2 apple sauces and did NOT hardly touch it.
Being the great aunt that I am, I decided that Tyler and I would take her to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D. BIG mistake to take a 3 year old that hasn't had a nap to the movies at 7:30. She would not put on the 3d glasses.. which made the movie look blurred to her. Finally she put mine on, and liked them.. but they were just too big so then she put on her kid sized ones. When she returned mine they had butter all over the lens. GREAT! About half way through the movie she says she is tired and demands to leave.... OK yes I just wasted $33 for a movie that you didn't even watched all the way. YES I am a great aunt!
But how could I not love this precious child?!

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