Wednesday, April 20, 2011

almost finals week!

i have waited to say this for the past 15 weeks, next week is FINALS! i am very excited about this. i have a final on wednesday, friday, saturday & monday! then i'm home free and soon start my online summer classes. i really don't think i will ever complete school. starting fall 2011 i will be a senior -- and will not be graduating :( stupid cpa exam!
on a better note, last weekend was fabulous! FRIDAY -- i went out with the girls [megan & margo] for dinner at fugi... YUMMM. then mixed our drinks... and met ty to partyyy! it was a lot of fun. i was somewhat successful at beer pong! yah for me :) and then came work the next morning......
SATURDAY -- worked. had easter lunch at my aunts. went to my little brothers tractor pull, which was freezingggg. and then another went another try at beer pong, however this attempt was a FAIL.

SUNDAY -- megan, leigh, and i made our best friend, destiny, a shotbook for her 21st birthday.. she even stopped by and made a couple of pages. we always have a blast when we are together. lord... and of course there was a quote page with all the stupid quotes we have came up with over the years. one i was unaware of was "backwards man, backwards man," apparantly leigh ann thought it was so funny she spewed her mt. dew ALL over me..
this past wkend was overall a success! im so happy :)
monday night when i got home from school, ty was at my house with a dipped ice cream cone for me :) supper = ruined!

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